How to Fashion - stress your style

I've always been on the receiving end of fashion but a participant in style. This is not a revelation but a truth experienced by 95% of people. For me style has been about feeling. I purchased clothes based on how they make me feel, both physically (comfort and practicality rank high for me) and emotionally. You may not realize it but every item of clothing you choose to wear will effect your reality. You may argue against this, that you just wake up and throw on a shirt without a second thought. However this is just a habit of momentum, and habits can be so comfortable that you will never even notice. However, do not be fooled. Your subconscious notices that you are making the safe choice and although it feels like the right choice it is the path of stagnation.

To fashion is to stress the dull, and challenge momentum that carries without the need of reflection. My aim is to be able to set a course against the tides, question my habits and create a path unknowable until it's taken.  

Is it a shirt? No! Is it aliens....... perhaps



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