Emile, By John

As the great Derek Zoolander once said "who am I"

As I've started learning about apparel and fashion, I've notice a change in my mind and maybe my name. Friends and family have called me John and of course I considered myself John. However, I was born with a middle name and perhaps a separate persona sandwiched between John and Buchanan....... Emile. Is Emile  John? I am not sure. John would have gotten a coffee with flip flops and a workout shirt, Emile gets coffee wearing shoes and a stylish shirt. Is Emile just an alter ego or.....perhaps..... just maybe a transdimensional being taking my body for a spin channeled through the conduit of fashion. Almost like a Ouija board, has launching an apparel line given a powerful demon the opening it needed for possession launching Emile to forefront of my personality? I don't know the answers to these questions but this will not be my last contemplation of the matter.

John Buchanan wearing a black Mount Edward Shirt.  He has just got coffee and looking stylish on the streets of Vancouver.

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